We're only one week away from the BA Meetup in Monaco! That's why we're giving you a bit of information to know more about this new destination! Buckle up!

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BA.Life Minicast Awards Special #1: Glenn Jansen

MiniCasts are where we catch up with some of the top BAs across Europe and see how they are doing since being featured on BA.Life. Today we catch up with Glenn from Antwerp, the European Personal Recruitment Champion.

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Meet Indra: From the Army to BA

Meet Indra, a Brand Ambassador from Antwerp with a lot of drive and passion!

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Top 7 reasons why freelancing is the way to go

Here are a few reasons why being independent is so cool!

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BA Speedread #11 with Parese

Welcome to the first speedread 2019, we've changed our recipe a bit to make it even tastier! Our speedreads will now be presented by you, the Brand Ambassadors, share a book you enjoy with the community and tell us why you recommend it!

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BA Awards 2019: Event Report

This weekend saw the BA Awards 2019 held at the Brewery in London! We summarized the best bits for you and also made an picture gallery: check it out!

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Meet Dhillon: 1 Year As A BA

As a BA you can do and learn a lot in just one year. Find out what Dhillon from London thought about his first year as a BA.

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Meet Michelle: From the Netherlands to Belgium

Meet Michelle, a Dutch BA in Belgium!

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Lyubomir's BA Story

Lyubomir tells us about why he became a BA and his search for independence !

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How to set goals to actually achieve them in 2019

A New Year comes with new ideas, projects and goals, but how do you actually start 2019 the right way? Just follow the guide!

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Meet Leonardo: Thinking Outside the Box

Leonardo, a Brazilian born BA who is based in Edinburgh, loves working on commission and thinking outside the box like all the great entrepreneurs. Here’s his story.

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Meet Victoria: Highlander to Highroller

Victoria comes from a very small village in the North-West of Scotland but has made a home for herself in Edinburgh. We sat down over coffee found out more about her story as a BA in Scotland.

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2018: A year of BA events

2018 was an amazing year! With this video we take you back to all the BA events of 2018!

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Amelia: It's all about mindset

Part two of our Meet Amelia series: the belgian BA from Gent told us about the importance of having a strong mindset! Check it out :)

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Meet Amelia : Why She Became a BA

We met with Amelia, a BA who's been smashing it after only a few weeks! She shared why she became a BA with us, check it out!

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Speedread #10 : Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Our last speedread of 2018 is here, and it's a book you might just want to put under your christmas tree this year! Why? Just read below :)

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Erik: Supporting you is what we do

Erik is a BA that started a few months ago in Edinburgh, Scotland and who's already coaching. We met him at the Amsterdam BA Meetup where he told us about the best feeling in the world: seeing someone reach his/her goals.

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Meet Erik: Making waves as a new BA

Erik is a BA that started a few months ago in Edinburgh, Scotland. We met him at the Amsterdam BA Meetup and he shared why he's so excited about being a Brand Ambassador!

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Failure: Life’s Greatest Coach

Most people don't see failure as an option but successful people understand that it's just part of the process. The important thing is to learn from the failures to improve.

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Sophie : Pushing for more

We sat down with Sophie in Amsterdam, a BA from Bordeaux just 4 weeks in this industry, she talks about mentality and how this opportunity motivates her.

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