What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador (BA) is an independant sales professional who represents brands with enthusiasm and passion.

What do they do?

They sell and promote great products to real people.

How do they do it?

Through face to face conversations, BA's deliver brands the new customers they are craving.

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Meet the Brand Ambassadors

Wasim Khan
Shape Created with Sketch. Manchester, UK
"Don't just settle for a 9-5 desk job because your family, friends, teachers have told you that’s what you need to do. There are other options out there and this one is the best I’ve seen. Being a BA allows you to push your limits and achieve what you want. You don’t really get this opportunity anywhere else."
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Josephine Applegate
Shape Created with Sketch. Bristol, UK
"My aim is to have fun, this isn’t work for me. You get so much joy out of watching other people grow, the team spirit and being able to build confidence in people is brilliant, it’s really satisfying. Now I know this is definitely what I want to do."
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